Thursday, March 5, 2015

Time Change this Weekend & Practice Area Aerification

The short game area and the small putting green will be closed starting today for aerification.  The short game area will re-open next weekend.

Daylight savings time starts this weekend so our clocks will be advancing forward one-hour Saturday night. Due to the later sunsets, the range will be closing at 6 PM starting on Tuesday instead of the typical 5 PM it’s been throughout the last few months.


Shane Roth
Director of Golf Operations

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Aerification Update & Driving Range Closure

Just a reminder, the south is closed today through Thursday due to aerification on greens, tees and rough.  Same process as the north course, although we will be aerifying the rough in addition and expecting to finish with the rough by Friday. Once the rough is mowed, the aerification will not be noticeable. 

Driving range will be closing this week starting Wednesday to repair the nets on both sides of the range. Estimated time of completion is Monday March 2nd.  During the range closure, the short game area and the putting greens will be available for practice. Once the range re-opens we will then aerify the short game area and the small putting green.

We greatly appreciate your patience.


Shane Roth
Director of Golf Operations

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ball Marks

The north greens are healing up nicely and should be close to being back to normal by the middle of next week. Now that we have completed the north, we will begin the same process on the south. Next Tuesday - Thursday the south will be closed with the expectation of only two weeks to recover.

 Greens will be softer than normal over the next few weeks, which will lead to more ball mark damage unless repaired immediately. Properly repaired ball marks only take half the time to heal. A few guidelines you should follow when making these repairs.

- A fresh ball mark repaired by a player takes only five seconds - A freshly repaired ball mark will completely heal in twenty four hours
- A fresh ball mark left unrepaired for only a few hours will require fifteen days to heal

 Proper way to fix a ball mark

Step 1
Find the ball mark on the green and get your divot repair tool or a golf tee. If you cannot find your ball mark or you did not make a ball mark, find another ball mark to fix. There are always some unfixed marks around.
Step 2 - Push the divot repair tool into the ground at a 45-degree angle directly outside the pitch mark.

Step 3 - Pull the divot repair tool toward the center of the mark. Many golfers push the tool down and away from the center, causing the center to rise to the level surface. This will make the mark smooth, but it actually separates the grass from its root system. The grass will die, and the green will be left with a brown spot that lasts for weeks.

Step 4 - Repeat steps 2 and 3 on all angles of the pitch mark until you have what looks like a small mound.

Step 5 - Tap the mound with the bottom of your putter so it is level with the putting surface.


Shane Roth
Director of Golf Course Operations