Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Golf Update

Over the past week, we received 2.5 inches of rain and more is in the forecast this Thursday night into Friday. Depending on rain totals during each event throughout this winter, we will be asking you from time to time to remain on cart-paths only. This will help reduce issues from cart traffic, which is very evident along the cart-paths especially on the north where we have no curbs. We would like to thank you in advance for your adherence to this policy.

The 15th green on the north is progressing as anticipated. I don’t foresee us having any problems with opening this green by the middle of January.

Collars on the north have been seeded with a cool season grass to help eliminate the issues of poa encroachment and the problems that occurred last winter. The idea of having bermudagrass collars was a nice idea but is unrealistic due to the lack of tools available to keep our collars clean of cool season grasses without damaging the greens. Seed germination will be slow but I am hoping to see results within the next month. In addition, we will be applying a herbicide to remove a majority of the cool season grasses that has started to appear in the approaches.

The 13th fairway on the south will need to be cart-path only for the time being due to the bermudagrass thinning from salt related issues and compaction from carts where the fairway bottlenecks next to the bunker. The problem areas will continue to decline unless we keep as much traffic off as possible.

On behalf of my team, I would like to thank you for your support and assistance in our ongoing efforts to improving playability and overall conditions. Stay tuned for next weeks update on our course conditions and all that is golf!

Shane Roth
Director of Golf Course Operations

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Golf Update

The landscape renovation project is fully underway, as you will notice when you enter or exit the club through the main drive. All of the turf in the center island has been removed and will be replaced with more drought tolerant, sustainable plant material and ground covering. This is the first phase of a plan that will involve approximately 70,000 sq. feet throughout the clubhouse grounds and parking lot areas. Our hope is to have the work fully completed in about 9 weeks and it will greatly enhance the overall appearance of these areas while supporting our commitment towards more responsible and reduced water usage.

Also, please remember to follow some important golf course etiquette guidelines. This includes fixing ball marks on greens, filling divots in fairways, raking bunkers and observing all directional signage and roped off areas. You cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Golf Update

We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of exercising proper etiquette when it comes to taking care of our golf courses. This primarily involves filling divots in the fairways, fixing ball marks on the greens and observing all posted directional signage and roped off areas. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and will help to keep the courses in the best possible condition for you to enjoy.

Also, as we discussed in last week’s update, we will start to see the transition of the bermuda grasses as the temperatures drop and the turf begins to go dormant. While the coloration will change, the grass is actually quite healthy and is simply in a slower growth cycle. We will continue to maintain the golf courses in the same manner to ensure the overall quality and playability.