Thursday, July 24, 2014

Golf Course Update

Both the North and South golf courses have been through greens aerification and verticutting of fairways and are recovering well. The irrigation system is working at a more efficient level and we are seeing improved water coverage.

Sodding of identified need areas on the North Course is beginning and will continue moving forward. This will allow us to improve the overall turf quality throughout the entire course.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

  • Starting Monday of next week, the North Course will be closed due to aerification. During this time, the greens will be aerified with small tines with the expectation of being back to normal within a week. Tees and roughs will be aerified as well with little to no impact at all.  Additionally, fairways will be lightly verticut,  a bulk application of fertilizer will be applied and sod will be laid in problem areas. 

  • Tee marker theft has been a major issue over the last few months.  Our markers are hand-made out of northern California so it's not something we can just order and have replaced within a week. We put an order in about a month ago and hopefully we will have them in place within the next few weeks. 

  • As discussed in the past, our Pressure Relief Valves have all been replaced on the north course within the last week except for the area in front of the tee box on #6. This valve will be completed on Monday while we are closed.  With these new relief valves, we've noticed a major difference on holes 8 and 9 already and we are currently making adjustments to help improve our wet and dry issues on many of the other holes.   Once the adjustments are made, we will be assessing the pump-station's ability to provide the volume of water needed during our normal irrigation events. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

  • The concrete to repair hole #2 cart-path will be poured on Monday while the course is closed. Should be open to cart traffic starting on Tuesday
  • As discussed earlier regarding our irrigation system, all parts have been ordered and dates on installation will be provided. During the installation, we may have individual holes closed to complete the necessary work for a day or so. 
  • Fairway aerification will be completed on the south course Monday. This process has been slow and somewhat messy, but is necessary to encourage Bermuda growth and improve the overall health of the grass. Weather forecast for next week is scheduled to be in the 90's all week, which should really help kick start the Bermuda grass growth.
  • New Clubhouse landscaping is scheduled to begin once the majority of the back patio renovation has been completed
  • The large mulch pile below #4 tee box will be removed this week. Planning on turning this into a naturalized area with Bermuda grass and wild flowers
  • Dead tree left of #17 tee box north will be removed this week. 
  • The list is a mile long of things we need to do.  We are working diligently to address the many issues.