Friday, October 31, 2014

Golf Update

With the South Course opening October 28 we once again have both golf courses available for play. Both ends of the practice facility are also open as of last Saturday October 25. The current range closure time is 5:30pm and will change to 4:00pm beginning Tuesday, November 4. Please be reminded that the South Course is cart path only for two weeks.

Also, we are asking for your assistance is keeping an eye on the golf facilities as it pertains to vandalism and theft. Mainly, the removal of the customized tee markers, which are either stolen or disposed of elsewhere. These do take some time to replace and our hope is to never have any tee areas missing the markers because of this issue. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Finally, our clubhouse grounds landscaping project is continuing along as we finalize spraying out all of the turf areas in preparation for removal. We have been coordinating with the contractor to begin this next part of the process very soon and will keep you updated on the progress.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Golf Update

The green on hole #15 of the North Course is germinating at a rapid pace, and we expect to begin mowing in the next 10-14 days. The tee leveling work is completed and the plan is to have all of them open for play at the end of next week.

We will be opening the practice facility this Saturday, October 25. While both the East and West tees will be open, the artificial turf mats will be used on the West end for approximately two weeks to allow the newly seeded areas to mature. Also, The South Golf Course will open for play beginning October 28. The cart path only policy will be in effect for two weeks and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Finally, we are excited to inform you of a landscape program that gets underway on October 24. About 70,000 sq. ft. of turf will be removed, primarily involving the parking lot islands and the main drive, and replaced with a more sustainable, drought tolerant plant material and ground covering. The first phase will be spraying out the existing grasses, which will take on a yellow tint over the next several days. Each week we will update our progress to help keep you aware of what you see when entering and exiting the club. This project will greatly improve the appearance and overall conditions of the clubhouse grounds and aid in our water conservation efforts.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Golf Course Update

Today we are grassing the putting surface on the new 15th green of the North Course. This will involve the planting of “plugs” in targeted spaces. Over the next 90 days or so we expect these to develop into full coverage of the green and hopefully have it open for play mid-January of 2015. We ask that you please refrain from walking or driving carts on or near any of the new turf areas as they mature.

The first phase of the tee leveling project is underway, with the focus on hole #16 South as well as holes #1 and #14 of the North Course. This will continue into 2015 and we will provide more specific updates regarding which ones are being completed.

We are in the process on sodding need areas in the roughs on the North Course to ensure proper and consistent coverage. Also on the North Course, the project on hole #16 is completed and we expect to open this for play next Tuesday.

Finally, please be reminded of the following schedule items:
South Course:
 Closed October 15-27 for overseed of roughs and tees as well as greens aerification. Opens October 28.

Driving Range:
 East Tee closed October 6-24 for overseed and aerification. Opens October 25.
 West Tee closed October 20-24 for overseed and aerification. Opens October 25.