Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Golf Course Update

As we approach the scheduled October 15 start date for overseeding of the South Course roughs and tees, the process of reducing irrigation cycles and more closely mowing the areas to be seeded is underway. These practices are vital to ensuring the best possible conditions to germinate and develop the winter ryegrass and provide optimal conditions.

 The renovation of the 15th green on the North Course is moving along as planned. We expect to have this green fully grassed by next weekend and allow the maturation of the new turf to begin. Our hope is to have this reopened for play in mid-January of 2015.

Also, if you have played the North Course recently you probably noticed the soil material in the left side of the large bunker in front of the 16th green. The idea is to fill some of this in, slightly reshape the contours and then sod the newly created area. This will give players the option to run the ball up the left side and no longer be forced to carry the bunker in order to reach the putting surface. Once the sod is laid, which is expected to occur by the end of next week, it will take approximately 7-10 days to “knit in” before we open it for play.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Golf Update

The severe drought conditions have resulted in some of the lakes on the golf courses having less than average water levels at this point. Our focus continues to be on adequately irrigating the turf areas to maintain quality and consistency. This does not allow us excess water to fill the lakes while the water district is asking for conservation in all areas. Cooler temperatures and hopefully some rain activity will help greatly in restoring the lakes to their normal volume.

You may have noticed some greens work on holes #3 and #5 of the South Course. As mentioned in previous updates, we used healthy turf from the original green on #15 North to makes these repairs. This will result in a quicker recovery time of these areas and better overall putting surfaces.

Finally, here is a reminder of the upcoming course overseed and aerification dates:
*North Course- closed Sept. 23-26 (aerify fairways, greens and overseed tees)
*South Course- closed Oct. 15-27 (aerify greens, overseed rough and tees)
*Practice Facility
      East Range Tee- closed Oct. 6-24 (aerify, overseed)
      West Range Tee- closed Oct. 20-24 (aerify, overseed)- hitting from artificial turf mats for   approximately two weeks.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Golf Course Update

As you are probably aware, we recently aerified the fairways on the South Course. A few have inquired as to whether or not this is the best time with the excessive heat we are experiencing. The answer is…this is actually a very good time to do it. As we have communicated in previous updates, aerification is used to open up turf and soils to allow oxygen, water and other nutrients to more effectively penetrate the surface. Because the fairways are bermudagrass, which grows its best in warmer temperatures, the process will have the desired impact and heal more quickly than during cooler periods of the year.

While we are on the topic, please be reminded that we will be closing the North Course September 23-26 to aerify greens and fairways as well as overseed the tee areas. In order to achieve the best results relative to the weather pattern recently, we will use normal sized tines but the anticipated recovery time should still be consistent with previous agronomic practices.

Also, we have begun the project to move and rebuild the 15th green on the North Course. A temporary green has been installed to the right of the original one. We hope to have the construction portion completed in approximately 3-4 weeks and, based on how the new turf develops and matures, hopefully reopen it for play in mid-January of 2015.