Friday, April 3, 2015

Over the last week or so we have been making adjustments to our equipment and our mowing patterns to help improve the puffiness that has been associated with our fairways.

For one, we are lowering the height of cut this week which will create some scalping in areas but should subside once we are able to make a few cuts at different directions.

Secondly, we will be trying to groom the leaf blades on the Bermuda grass to stand more upright verses lying over.  We have added groomer kits to our fairway mowers which will help lift the leaf tissue each time we mow as well as mowing against the grain of the grass to encourage a more upright growth.

It may take some time, but from a play-ability standpoint our fairways should begin to improve.    

Thursday, March 19, 2015

     Just like ball-marks on greens, it’s important that fairway divots are repaired immediately and done correctly.  Too often the divots are not being repaired at all or way too much sand is being used to fill the divot.  When the sand is mounded, it is difficult to determine where the divot begins or ends and can create an unfair lie if your ball comes to rest next to it.  Secondly, when we mow the fairways the sand gets into the reels and it dulls the blades.
     The best way I have found to repair bermuda grass divots is to chop in the edges of the divots with your club and use very little sand to fill in the void.  If done correctly, most of the time the repair doesn’t need any sand at all and typically the divot is unnoticeable once completed.
     If everyone starts to follow these instructions, our issues with divots will begin to improve relatively quickly.  

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Time Change this Weekend & Practice Area Aerification

The short game area and the small putting green will be closed starting today for aerification.  The short game area will re-open next weekend.

Daylight savings time starts this weekend so our clocks will be advancing forward one-hour Saturday night. Due to the later sunsets, the range will be closing at 6 PM starting on Tuesday instead of the typical 5 PM it’s been throughout the last few months.


Shane Roth
Director of Golf Operations