Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Golf Course Update

*The humidity and warmer temperatures in the last few weeks has led to an increased transition rate for the ryegrass in the rough on the South Course. While the bermudagrass will fill these thinnner spots naturally in some locations, we will continue to lay sod in the larger, more exposed areas to increase turf coverage.

*North Course conditions continue to improve as our irrigation system concerns have been mostly addressed. We are also currently installing new drainage in some low-lying areas to provide better water flow through the turf and soil. This allows for more effective results in creating overall product consistency.

*Tree encroachment in the teeing area has become more noticeable on the golf course. In the next few weeks we will be utilizing a maintenance service to alleviate this issue, mainly on the South Course.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Golf Course Update

*As warmer conditions continue we must be more diligent with regards to greens maintenance. This means being careful not to create any undue stress that can be caused by mowing too closely or rolling the greens excessively. The speed of the greens will continue to be monitored daily for consistency and we will ensure adequate irrigation, which makes them softer.

*Sodding continues this week, with the focus primarily on the South Course fairways. This process addresses smaller areas that will mesh with the healthy turf to further improve the quality of the playing surfaces.

*We are asking that all players observe proper etiquette regarding cart traffic on the courses, including following directional signage to keep carts at a reasonable distance from greenside areas. This helps our the Superintendent and his team in their efforts to give everyone the best possible conditions.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Golf Course Update

*The lake maintenance project on hole #11 of the North Course continues in an effort to improve cleanliness and overall water quality.

*Sodding of areas on hole #9 North and others will be completed soon.

*All rough areas on North were fertilized this week and fairways have recovered well from recent verticutting.

*The South Course in in very good condition. Bunker edging is being completed and high traffic areas in the rough will be sodded.