Saturday, August 8, 2015

     With the heat and humidity, the cool season grasses on the south course is starting to burn out.  This is typical with overseeding. The bermudagrass dies due to high traffic areas / compacted soils as well as too much competition from the cool season grasses. The result is bare soil or lack of turf density.   Over the next month, we will be fertilizing and sodding these weak areas to get them to fill in as quick as possible.  For those members who have been here for a number of years, most are probably  familiar with this transition period although it's never very encouraging to see bare areas around the course.

     Over the next week we will be addressing the overgrowth around the tee boxes to improve line of sight to the fairways. We completed #18 south in front of the white tees on Friday and most of the area in front of #7 south.  From there we will addressing  #1 north, 5 and 15 south..

     Still waiting on our pump-station on the north course.  Most of the components for the pump-station has already been manufactured. The main hold up is the transformer upgrades so we can power the additional pumps to help improve water distribution.

Friday, July 10, 2015

The south course aerification on tees, fairways and greens was completed yesterday and is open for play today.  The process went smoothly and greens should heal up within 7 days with green speeds back to normal within 10 days. Fairways are still somewhat of a mess but should clean up nicely after mowing a few more times.

Now that we've completed aerification on both courses we will be addressing our lack of detail work over the last few week such as edging cart-paths, weed issues, sprinkler edging and weedeating along hazard lines.

Below is a list of things we will be working on starting on Monday and continuing throughout the summer.

  • Filling in the first fairway bunker on the right of  #14 north which was part of the master plan.  The leveling will be complete by Wednesday and the sod work should be done by Thursday
  • Cool season grass removal on the North course -  Starting Monday we will begin by spraying out the cool season grasses which will improve playability but also improve the aesthetics by having a mono-stand of grass (the kikuyu-grass invasion will be dealt with on a later date).   We will start with holes 18-16 and any problem areas will be sodded once they appear. Once completed we will do holes 1-3 and continue throughout the course.  
  • Drainage -  Majority of our fairway bunkers drain very slowly and typically have standing water in them after a normal irrigation cycle. All the drains need to be repaired and I'm hoping to have most of the issues resolved on both courses by the end of July.
  • Wet areas throughout the course
  • Bunker depths and playability   
  • Cart-path repair 
  • Complete mulch and replace dead or dying landscape around the clubhouse and parking lot

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fairway aerification and verticutting

We are still in the process of cleaning up and prepping the golf course this morning after aerification and verticutting fairways. The picture above was taken right after verticutting on hole #5.   This process helps thin out the bermudagrass which will promote new lateral and vertical growth as well as allowing moisture and oxygen to reach the root zone more easily.  Fairways will be healthier and should be back to normal by the middle of next week and greens will be fully recovered by following week.